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Anacyclus pyrethrum, commonly known as Akkara in Tamil, Akarkara in Hindi and Pellitory in English, is an important medicinal plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is also called Akkirakaram in Marathi. The roots of the plant have good therapeutic value as per the traditional systems of medicine.1 it is also known as the African pyrethrum. The species is indigenous to Morocco, Spain, and Algeria and has two varieties: Anacyclus pyrethrumvar. pyrethrum (L.) and Anacyclus pyrethrum var. depressus (Ball) Maire.2 Some varieties can be found in Jammu and Kashmir, and Bengal. It is imported to India from Algeria.1  

Chemical Constituents  

Phytochemicals like alkaloids, coumarins, flavonoids, and tannins are present in the Anacyclus pyrethrum variety. The root extract contains free fatty acids, sterols, and unsaturated amides. Pellitorin, anacyclin, phenylethylamine, inulin, polyacetylenic amides, and sesamin.1 

Nutritional Benefits 

Phytochemical screening of Akarkara shows the presence of carbohydrates, proteins, and amino acids.3 

Properties of Akarkara

The properties of Akarkara are due to the presence of phytochemicals like Flavonoids and terpenoids.1  The roots and leaves of the Akarkara have a potential role in the traditional Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medicines as well as the herbal medicine of the East.1  

The plant may have following properties:

  • It may have anti-inflammatory activity
  • It might possess antibacterial properties
  • It may show antiviral effect
  • It may have carminative properties
  • It might show diuretic properties
  • It may have vermifuge (anthelmintic) activity
  • It may have febrifuge (reducing fever) properties 
  • It might show sialagogue (stimulate saliva) activity
  • It may have analgesic (pain reliever) effect
  • It may have antiarthritic properties
  • It might possess nerve tonic activity1

Potential Uses of Akarkara 

Potential Uses of Akarkara in Diabetes 

Oral administration of the root extract of Akarkara may be beneficial in bringing down spiked blood glucose levels in diabetic animal models. Akarkara could show antidiabetic benefits in animal studies. Further trials on humans are awaited to make it available as mainstream anti-diabetes medication.1 Therefore, for conditions like diabetes you should consult a doctor for prescription and guidance.

Potential Uses of Akarkara on Central Nervous System (CNS) 

Akarkara root extract might produce significant antidepressant effects in animal studies. Akarkara can also show muscle relaxant benefits in animal models.1 Extract of Akarkara may enhance memory and show improvement in cognitive processes by increasing the brain levels of enzyme cholinesterase.4 

Extract of Akarkara can also show anticonvulsant activity. The extract might reduce seizures associated with cognitive impairment and reduced oxidative stress in an experimental model of seizures. Animal studies have confirmed the CNS activities of Akarkara.5 However, the same activities are yet to be established on humans through trials. Consult a doctor for better advice.  

Potential Uses of Akarkara for Immunity  

Akarkara extract showed immunostimulatory activity in rat models. There may be a huge improvement in the humoral as well as the cellular component of the immunity. The results suggest the potential use of Akarkara as an immunomodulator in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.1  To understand its exact effect on humans we will need to conduct further studies. You must consult a qualified doctor for better advice.

Potential Uses of Akarkara in Wound Healing 

Akarkara plant extract might show wound healing benefits in rats which were evident by the improvement in the wound diameter. The wound healing activity of Akarkara could be attributed to the antibacterial property of Akarara.

The wound healing benefit could also be attributed to the anti-inflammatory activity of Akarkara.2 However, more studies and research are needed to fully comprehend the advantages for humans.

Though various studies show the potential uses of akarkara in various conditions, these are insufficient and there is a need for further studies to establish the true extent of benefits of akarkara on human health.

How to Use Akarkara? 

Akarkara can be used in powdered form. The powder can be taken with honey.6

Precautions to Take with Akarkara 

  • There are no safety studies about its usage in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Therefore, it should be used with the doctor’s advice and supervision.   
  • There are no safety studies about its usage in children.  

Interactions With Other Drugs:  

There is a lack of data regarding the interaction of Akarkara with other drugs. Therefore, patients are advised to talk to a doctor about its usage if using any other medication or supplement.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) What are the benefits of Akarkara in Diabetes? 

Akarkara root extract might be beneficial in reducing blood sugar levels as is evident in animal studies. However, further trials on human beings are awaited, as the same is not confirmed in humans.1 though there are benefits associated with using Akarkara in diabetes, it should not be used as an alternative or replacement for conventional therapy. Avoid self-medication.  

2) What are the benefits of Akarkara on wound healing? 

Akarkara plant extract showed wound healing activity in animal trials. The efficacy is yet to be confirmed in humans.2 Your Ayurvedic physician will prescribe you the form and dose as per your health condition. You must consult a qualified doctor before taking any herbal supplements.

3) What is Akarkara? 

Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum) is an important medicinal plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. Akarkara in Hindi, Pellitory in English, and Akkirakaram in Marathi.1  

4) What are the benefits of Akarkara associated with the brain? 

Akarkara has the following potential effects on brain1 

  • It has antidepressant benefit1
  • It is beneficial in enhancing memory  
  • It also shows cognitive improvement5
  • It has also shown anticonvulsant activity5
  • It also reduces oxidative stress in the brain5

All these benefits have been observed through animal trials and have not been confirmed in humans. Further trials in humans are awaited.  You must consult a qualified doctor for better advice.

5) What is Akarkara called in English? 

Akarkara is called Pellitory in English.1  

8) Can Akarkara treat Depression? 

Akarkara might have shown antidepressant benefits in several laboratory trials,1 The antidepressant effects are yet to be confirmed in clinical studies. Depression can be a psychological illness that requires help from a licensed psychologist. Avoid self-medication as it can worsen the situation, reach out to a medical professional.  

9) Is Akarkara safe to consume during pregnancy? 

There are no safety studies about its usage in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Therefore, it should be used with the doctor’s advice and supervision.1


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