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Poongar Rice 500G
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Poongar Rice helps to recover from celiac disease, cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol, increases the hemoglobin content in the blood and boosts the immune system. Regular intake of Poongar Rice by pregnant women, leads to normal vaginal delivery. This rice is rich in anthocyanin (an antioxidant).

Is poongar rice good for health? 

key antioxidants in poongar rice, are why this rice variety is good for the management of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. It is also a rice variety with lower glycemic index. Contains proanthocyanins, that is effective in reducing bad cholesterol from the system.


Who can eat poongar rice?


Poongar rice contains high amounts of iron, which helps to improve and maintain a good hemoglobin count. This can be consumed by children and adults who suffer from low hemoglobin levels. It is one of the rice varieties that looks very red and tastes very good as well. 

Is Poongar rice good for weight loss?

Poongar rice is an indigenous variety of rice, it helps to balance hormones, its ideal for women of all ages, pregnant and lactating mothers. The high fibre and bran help in weight loss and weight management.

Poongar Parboiled rice Benefits

Once pregnant women eat Poongar Rice on a daily basis, their baby will be healthy and nutritious once born. Eliminates bad sweat from the body: It contains anthocyanin, which aids in the discharge of terrible sweat from the body and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

When should I eat poongar rice?


Because the poongar rice is mainly used for women during the pregnancy time for vaginal delivery. And for the lactating mothers. It's a good medicine for women's hormonal issues and menstrual issues. Generally, in India, rice is an unavoidable part of daily meals.

 Can men eat poongar rice?

 Men and Women, of them, can have Poongar and Mappilai Samba Rice. Since we have mentioned gender-specific benefits, it is no reason for the other gender not to consume.

How do you eat poongar rice?

Poongar rice also contain mineral like Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and Molybdenum. Its husk is also nutritious and tasty. Poongar rice is one of the most wonderful options for making delicious Idlis, Dosas, Idiyappam, Puttu and Kanji. Not suitable for Lunch.

How Podhigai Herbs procure Rice:

 Podhigai Herbs & Organic having a strong network along with Farmers allover India. We are directly procuring from the Farmers. After the intense quality check by our experience QC team. It will be move to our packing section for packing and labeling.





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