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Asokam / Ashoka bark (Raw)/அசோகம் 100G
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Ashoka tree is a large tree, and it has many health benefits. Each part of this, such as leaves, flowers, and bark, contains different medicinal properties to treat various diseases. These parts are also used to make tonic and capsules for effective treatment

Botanical Name    : Saraca Asoca

English Name        : Ashoka Tree Bark

Tamil Name           : அசோக மரப் பட்டை / Asoka mara pattai

Hindi Name           : अशोक वृक्ष / Ashok Tree

Malayalam Name  : അശോകം / Asokam Tree

Telugu Name          : సోకానం ట్రీ / Sokanam Tree


The Ashoka tree from the family of legumes and is also a part of the subfamily Caesalpiniaceae.

The Ashoka tree is a rainforest tree. It was initially found in the central part of the Deccan plateau and in the middle part of the Western Ghats in western India.

The Ashoka flowers from February to April. The flowers appear in lush and heavy bunches. The flowers have bright orange-yellow color and they turn red before wilting.

This tree has an important role in Indian cultural traditions. The Ashoka tree lots of health benefits and being a traditional Indian medicine as a primary ingredient in various therapies and cures. 

The dried stems, flowers, and bark of this tree have many applications in various fields. The flowers, seeds, and bark of this tree are used to make tonics and capsules that are broadly used in India to treat various health issues.

Health Benefits of Asoka Bark Powder:

  • Ashoka herb is used in the treatment of menstrual disorders associated with excessive bleeding, congestion, and pain. Ashoka herb also assists in treating dysmenorrhoea, abdominal pain, and uterine spasms.
  • The Ashoka herb provides the endometrium and uterine muscles.
  • It is also used in Ayurveda for clearing congestion from the Medas Dhatus and Mamsa, especially when there may be leucorrhoea, endometriosis, cysts, and fibroids from excess kapha and ama in the Artava Srotas.
  • The herb has a nourishing effect on the circulatory system, so it is an effective remedy for arrhythmia and cardiac weakness. It also helps painful urination.
  • The Ashoka bark powder helps to improve skin complexion and prevent skin allergies. It purifies the blood, removes toxins, and clears the complexion. The extracts of this tree is used to cure skin irritations and soothe burns.
  • The extracts is also used to treat internal piles and bleeding of piles.
  • The bark powder is used to prevent bacteria and fungal infections. It contains the properties to cure infections and purifies your body.
  • The Ashoka seed powder is an effective natural remedy to control kidney stones.
  • The dried flower of this Ashoka tree is used in the treatment of diabetes.
  • The Ashoka tree and its parts are used to treat diarrhea effectively. The leaves, bark, and flowers of this tree used to make a tonic for relieving pain and also purifies the blood. 

How to Consume Ashoka Bark Powder 

Morning – Take five gms of bark powder with 100 ml of water and boil them for some minutes. After the water getting warm, filter them, and drink before food. Repeat the same for Evening after dinner.
Taking the bark powder with water will increase the risk of painful stone extraction

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