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Chitharathai / Sitharathai / Lesser Galangal Dried (Raw) சித்தரத்தை 100g
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Chitharathai is an effective ayurvedic medicine for cold and chronic cough. This herb soothes the throat and helps to relieve the nasal problem. It has anti-inflammatory property and also it is the best medicine for the stomach aches and it improves digestion.

Family: Zingiberaceae

Botanical Name: Alpinia Calcarata

English Name: Lesser Galangal

Tamil Name: சித்தரத்தை – Chitharathai , Sitharathai

Malayalam Name: ചിറ്റരത്ത , കോലിഞ്ചി – Chittaratha, Kolinchi

Telugu Name: దుంపరాష్ట్రకము – dumparaashtrakamu

Hindi Name: कुलंजन – Kulanjan

The native of chitarathai is India. The color of the leaves of this plant is dull dark gree and lighter in the undersides of the leaves. The white with yellow and red variegated fragrant flowers are bloom in this plant, it is resembling snapdragons.

The botanical name of this Chitarathai is Alpinia Calcarata, it is very easy to vigorous species to grow. This plant has a narrow foliage stem and is a prolific plant. The narrow stem is not as attractive as many of the better foliage Alpinia.

The medium size red and white flower o this plant is attractive, this flower appears on the upright inflorescences. This plant is grown well in the medium sun and well-drained rich soil. This plant has nice foliage but there is not much else going for it.

The plant blooms the flower in the second year’s growth. This plant is growing up to 1.5 m height. The leaves are glossy, green, narrow, and large. The height of the leaves is 15-30 cm and the width is 2.5-5 cm. Rhizomes are narrowly oblong, this plant is much-branched and it grows horizontally in the soil flowers, large, in dense panicles.

Corolla segment of the flower is yellowish-white and it streaked with the purple veins. The flowers, leaves, and rhizomes are aromatic.

Chitharathai Health Benefits:

  • It is used to treat digestive problems.
  • It is used for Rheumatic ailments.
  • It is a good digestive and respirative ailments for children and infants.
  • It is also increases the sperm counts.
  • Chitharathai is good medicine for headache, cough, fever, and indigestion.

How to consume Chitharathai Internally:

Chitharathai For Cough: A piece of the rhizome of this plant is slowly chewed is good for a cough with sputum. It is also good for vomiting issues.

Chitharathai for Rheumatic Ailments: 1 to 3 gm of rhizome powder is thrice daily for rheumatic ailments.

Chitharathai for infants and children: Rhizome is baked and mixed with honey or breast milk will sort the digestive and respiratory problems of infants and children.

Chitharathai for fever and Headache: Athimathuram, Arathai, Thalesapathri, and Thippili are powdered, mixed with an equal quantity of rhizome powder, and gives with the honey for headache, fever, and indigestion.

Chitharathai for digestive Problem: Use rhizome powder 1 to 5 gm twice daily before food for the digestive problems.

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