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Kasturi Manjal / Wild Turmeric Dried (Raw) கஸ்தூரி மஞ்சள்
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Product Description

Wild turmeric is an excellent skincare powder that treats various skin problems when mixed with different ingredients like rose water, milk, yogurt, etc.

Botanical Name     : Curcuma aromatica

Common Name      : Wild turmeric, Aromatic turmeric

Tamil Name           :கஸ்தூரி மஞ்சள் / Kasturimanjal

Hindi Name           : जंगली हळी / Jangli haldi

Sanskrit Name       : जंगली हळी / Aranya Haridra, Vanahaladi

Marathi Name       : हळद – Halada

Kannada Name      : ಕಸ್ತೂರಿ ಅರಿಶಿನ / Kasthuri Arisina

Malayalam Name   : കസ്തൂരി മഞ്ഞൾ / Kasthoori mannal

Telugu Name           : కస్తూరి పసుపు / KasturiPasupu

Product Description

Kasturi Turmeric is one of the popular turmeric varieties. The turmeric species is widely distributed throughout India. It is one of the traditional and ancient cosmetic products with various benefits for skins. It is a yellow-colored herb, with irregular shapes and branches. It has been used as a natural beauty care product for thousands of years.

Kasturi Turmeric should be used for external purposes. It should not be added as a spice to cooking. Curcuma longa is a preferable species for cooking. Kasturi turmeric has a very good fragrant and it does not stain (gives yellow color) the skin surface like C.longa.

Benefits Of Kasturi Turmeric

  • It removes tans due to sunlight, enhances skin tone, and overall complexion.
  • Can be used as a baby bath powder for babies.
  • Applying wild turmeric will not stain your skin, but makes your skin to glow.
  • The antibacterial property of Kasturi turmeric blocks the bacteria growth in the face and reduces pimples, acne, and scars.
  • It inhibits the growth of facial hair from its follicles.
  • The anti-inflammatory behavior of turmeric treats all skin infections and insect bites.
  • It helps in fading the stretch marks after delivery.
  • While applying in the daily routine, it reduces skin pigmentation and makes your skin lighter.
  • Kasturi Manjal also has mosquito repellent properties that protect ourselves against mosquito bites.

How To Use Kasturi Manjal For Skin

Face Mask to get Glowing Skin

Mix a Kasturi Haldi powder with chickpea flour and unboiled milk. Apply the smooth face pack paste to your skin, gently massage it for 5 minutes and leave the mask for 15-25 minutes. Wash the face with lukewarm water to get glowing skin.

Uses as a Scrub For Removing Dead Cells

Make a paste with wild turmeric powder and yogurt. Apply the paste and scrub it gently over the skin. Keep it in your skin for 15-20 minutes. Then, wash it to get dead cells free clear skin. It also removes rashes creating microbes, dirt, and excess oil from the skin surface.

Packs for Treating Acne & Scares

Mix Kasturi Turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, and milk to make a paste. Apply it all over your skin, leave it for 20-25 minutes, and then wash it to get clear skin.

Paste to Reduce Wrinkles

Make a smooth paste of wild turmeric powder along with buttermilk and apply it to your skin. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash it to look young. Otherwise, You can also make a face pack with Kasturi Turmeric and sugar cane juice to reduce wrinkles.

Mixture for Removing Facial Hair

Make a paste of the turmeric powder with warm coconut oil and then scrub it on your face. Do it regularly to remove unwanted hair.

Paste For Removing Skin Tan

Make a paste of the manjal with unboiled milk and apply it to the tanned part of the skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it to get tan free and even tone skin. Mixing Kasturi turmeric with water will not be effective. Better prepare a paste with other flours, rosewater, oils, milk, or yogurt to prevent your skin from stained. Mix Kasturi Turmeric with yogurt or milk for sensitive skin. Fresh rose water can be used for oily-skinned peoples.

Side Effects

There are no side effects in using this product, and you can also consider the medical advice for the usage of this product.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methods

All herbs are 100% naturally harvested, dried, and pulverized without the chemical interactions that assure the natural herb soap
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