Aakasa Garudan Kilangu
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Akasa Garudan Kilangu

Aakasa Garudan Kilangu

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The Redfruit Creeper, also known as Akasa Garudan Kilangu, is a type of vine that can grow up to 4 meters in length. What's interesting about this plant is that it has a tuberous root that allows it to grow naturally without relying on soil, water, or sunlight.
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Tamil Name            Akasa Garudan Kilangu

English Name         : Redfruit Creeper

Hindi Name            Salampanja, Salam

Malayalam Name     Garudan Kilangu

Telugu Name          Garudan Kilangu

The Akasa Garudan Kilangu, commonly known as the Redfruit Creeper, is a fascinating plant that is often found in tropical regions. It is a vine that can grow up to 4 meters in length and has a tuberous root that helps it grow naturally without relying on soil, water, or sunlight. This root system allows the plant to survive in a variety of environments, including forests, savannas, and even deserts.

The Redfruit Creeper is known for its bright red, round fruit, which is approximately the size of a small cherry. These fruits are not only visually appealing, but they are also edible and have a sweet, tangy flavor. The leaves of the plant are also used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including fever, rheumatism, and skin diseases.

Interestingly, the Redfruit Creeper is also used as a natural pesticide due to its ability to repel pests. Farmers in some regions will plant the Redfruit Creeper around their crops to protect them from insects and other pests.

Overall, the Akasa Garudan Kilangu, or Redfruit Creeper, is a unique and valuable plant that has many uses and benefits. Its ability to grow naturally without relying on traditional resources makes it an important resource for communities in many parts of the world.

About Akasa Garudan Kilangu:-

  • It is a natural root that grows without water, soil, or sunlight dependency.
  • Garudan Kilangu is placed near the entrance of the home in your living room or your workplace to invite abundance. When placed in the southwest corner of the dwelling it enhances support and stability in personal and professional life.
  • You may place the akasha garudan root on a platform or use the attached thread to hang this from the hook.

Health Benefits of Akasa Garudan Kilangu:-

  • Akasa Garudan Kilangu is used for curing insect bites.

Procurement & Agriculture Method:

 90% of Our Herbs are Wild crops and 100% organic by nature; the remaining 10% are organically grown, dried, and pulverized with no chemicals or preservatives.


 The Consumption details and benefits listed on our website are taken from ancient Tamil books and Siddha records, as well as it’s been further fine-tuned by our Siddha Doctors Team. Anyhow you are requested to consult your doctor before use.

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