Aavaram Poo / Tanner Flower Dried (RAW)
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Aavaram Poo / Tanner Flower Dried (RAW)

Aavaram Poo / Tanner Flower Dried (RAW)

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Discover the power of Avarampoo dried for glowing skin! Aavaram poo powder is your key to a flawless complexion, naturally safe for children too! Get it online.

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Know more about Aavaram Poo / Tanner Flower Dried (RAW)

Avaram Senna Flower is rich in antioxidants and contains terpenoids and flavonoids. It is used to treat diabetes and has many therapeutic properties.

English Name: Tanner's Cassia

Sanskrit Name: Aavartaki

Tamil Name    : ஆவாரம் பூ – Aavaram Poo

Hindi Name: Sarwar

Malayalam Name : Avarampoovu

Kannada Name  : Tangedi

Telugu Name: Tagedu

Marathi Name: Tarod, Tarwad

Gujarati Name: Aawal, Awala

About Aavaram Poo / Tanner Flower Dried (RAW):

Since ancient times, herbs have been used as a part of medicine. Vedic times have continued to be used in the modern age. In Tamil Nadu, these herbs and flowers are commonly seen in villages.

Some herbs are cooling to the body. Avarampoo is an herb that grows on riverbeds. Its scientific name is Senna Auriculata, also known as Tanner's Cassia in English.

Health Benefits:

1. Mixing Avarampoo powder with face wash powders or curd can improve results. Thousands of Indian women have used this powder to treat uneven skin, blemishes, and black spots. This powder can make your skin glow and improves the complexion when used regularly.

2. The powder's fragrance also effectively removes body odor. People with normal skin can use Avarampoo powder to dry it out.

3. Avarampoo is also used for herbal tea. The antioxidant-rich concoction tastes excellent and is a good substitute for tea and coffee.

4. Avarampoo is a natural way to cool down and hydrate your body. In the past, people wore this on their heads when working in the sun or walking. It also reduces heat.

5. Avarampoo increases insulin levels and regulates blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients can take the product on an empty stomach.

6. This drink is safe for children and can be used to treat children's fever naturally. It is free of toxins and chemicals.

7. Avarampoo is a juice that helps with painful urination.

8. Avarampoo improves liver function and corrects constipation.

9. Avarampoo seeds are antibacterial. They are used to treat eye and gonorrhea diseases.

10. Avaram seeds and bark can treat gout and rheumatism in some parts of the globe.

How to Consume


  • Powder the dried leaves. Add five grams of powder to 100 ml of water and boil for a couple of minutes. After the water has heated up, strain it out and drink it before meals twice daily.
  • Mix three grams of powder into cow's milk twice daily to treat excessive urination.


  • Paste is made with rose water, flower powder, Bengal Gram, green Gram flour, and a bit of gram flour. This paste can be used to improve the complexion of your skin while you bathe.
  • Aavaram powder can be mixed with aloe gel and fenugreek powder. Use it to treat dandruff.

Procurement & Agriculture Method:

We have 90 wild and organic herbs. The other 10 herbs are grown organically, dried, and ground without chemicals or preservatives.


Our website's consumption details and benefits come from ancient Tamil books and Siddha records. Our Siddha Doctors Team has adjusted them. Please consult your doctor before using.

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