Badam Pisin / Almond Tree Gum
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Badam Pisin / Almond Tree Gum

Badam Pisin / Almond Tree Gum

Weight: 100gm
Product Code: Bad/PG/PH/100
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Almond gum for weight gain: Experience the remarkable cooling benefits of Badam Pisin, ideal for individuals with high body temperatures. Learn more now!

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About Badam Pisin ( Almond Tree Gum):- 

Almond gum, also known as badam pisin in Tamil and badam gondh in Hindi, is the natural resin extracted from the sweet almond tree. In English, it is referred to as almond gum. The botanical name for the sweet almond tree is Prunus Dulcis, distinct from the Indian badam tree with the botanical name Terminalia Catappa. Almond trees are deciduous and can reach heights of 4 to 10 meters, with a trunk diameter of up to 30 cm. The leaves are serrated and about 3 to 5 inches long with a petiole of 2.5 cm. Delicate white to pale pink flowers bloom in early spring before the leaves appear. The almond seed is widely cultivated and consumed as a nut from this tree. The genus Prunus groups almonds with peaches under subgenus Amygdalus due to unique corrugations on the seed's shell.

Internal Benefits of Badam Pisin ( Almond Tree Gum):- 

  • Discover the remarkable cooling benefits of this product, perfect for individuals experiencing high body temperatures. Explore the advantages of Badam pisin, almond gum, and almond gondh.
  • It reduces the feeling of burning and helps to calm stomach ulcers.
  • This is an effective treatment for diarrhea.
  • It has been known to lower cholesterol.
  • It has cooling and nutritional benefits for pregnant women
  • properties. It increases the strength of bones and body.
  • It is a natural gum and does not contain artificial colors or preservatives. This makes it ideal for children.
  • It helps you gain weight when consumed regularly. You can see weight gain when you mix badam pisin in milk.
  • Instead of buying artificial jellies, Badam pisin along with ice-cream/milk will be natural.

Procurement & Agriculture Method:

We have 90 wild and organic herbs. The other 10 herbs are grown organically, dried, and ground without chemicals or preservatives.

Our website's consumption details and benefits come from ancient Tamil books and Siddha records. Our Siddha Doctors Team has adjusted them. Please consult your doctor before using.

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